Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Complications And Risks

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that’s becoming increasingly common in our society. For many people, as they grow older and their teeth grow, they realize they don’t have enough space in their mouths for the teeth to fully grow and properly develop. As a solution, they turn to wisdom teeth removal services.

Risks and Complications

1. Dry Socket

Oral surgeons are required to give patients a list of instructions to follow following a procedure. In the case of wisdom teeth removal, it’s extremely important that you do. Dry socket is all about how you take care of your teeth following a procedure. Everything can go fine during, but if you don’t treat your mouth properly after the surgery, things can get complicated.

Dry socket is an extremely painful condition that occurs following a wisdom tooth extraction, where the blood clot that developed doesn’t properly heal or dissolves before the wound fully heals. The blood clot serves to protect the nerve endings, and when it doesn’t develop properly it can expose the underlying bone. This is the most common complication that occurs following a wisdom tooth extraction.

2. Paresthesia

Although this condition isn’t as common as dry socket, it’s still possible to develop following a procedure. Because wisdom teeth are generally close to nerves, when they’re removed it’s possible for them to become bruised or damaged during surgery. This can cause numbness in the chin, the tongue, or lips and can last temporarily or become permanent. Paraesthesia is one of the top two wisdom teeth complications that can occur. It’s important to understand the risks and complications associated prior to going through with the procedure and to make sure you’re seeing an experienced oral surgeon. At Markham 7 Dental we have highly experienced professionals who will thoroughly explain the procedures and work carefully to minimize the chances of any risks or complications occurring. Please Contact us to book an appointment for your wisdom teeth removal today.

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