Why and When You Should Get Your Dentures Relined

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As you reach the age where the health of your body starts to degrade, you may also notice that the health of your mouth and teeth start to decline as well. For many people this means paying extra attention to proper oral health habits and more frequent trips to your dentist. For others however, it presents the need to visit a Markham denture clinic and be fitted with dentures.

Understanding Dentures

Dentures are removable teeth which replace the teeth and a portion of the gum tissue. These are available as full dentures, replacing all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or as different types of partial dentures, offering a replacement for some teeth along the gum line, with the option to add in further replacement teeth later. All dentures have a portion that fits securely on the gum and is lined with a comfortable material to allow the dentures to fit properly, feel natural, and stay in place. Over time, however, this lining wears down, or shifts in your mouth, meaning the dentures no longer fit securely. This makes them prone to fall out or allow food to get trapped and presents the need for you to visit a denture clinic in Markham and have them relined.

Why You Need Relining

The main reason patients present with the need for a relining is because the dentures become uncomfortable, causing pain or feeling as if they no longer fit properly. Aside from comfort, however, it is important to have your dentures relined to make sure they stay hygienic and do not harbor any bacteria which could cause infection. Furthermore, having your dentures relined gives you an opportunity to visit the dentist who can check to make sure the dentures are not causing any problems in your mouth and make any adjustments to their shape, contours, or add in teeth if necessary.

When to Reline

While the time to reline will be different for each person and depend on whether you have full dentures or a type of partial denture, these are some indicators to be aware of that may signal the need for relining.

  • The dentures start to feel uncomfortable in your mouth.
  • It feels as if you can’t get the dentures to fit in properly or that they are the wrong fit for your mouth.
  • You are constantly dealing with food getting trapped in your dentures.
  • You experience pain while wearing the dentures due to the gum contours not properly fitting.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, and think it is time for your regular denture relining process, make an appointment and bring your dentures to your Markham dentist to have the procedure completed.

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