When are Dental Implants Really Necessary?

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a technologically advanced solution to missing teeth, holes in your smile, or simply the loss of teeth due to aging or a trauma to the mouth. Their advanced methodology and the sophisticated techniques of insertion and attachment, mean that to the outside, it does not look like a false or implanted tooth at all. This makes it much easier to accept and commit to having a dental implants procedure done when you need it.

  • Deteriorating Teeth
    One of the most common reasons patients will come to their dentist in Markham for dental implants is due to deteriorating teeth. This often happens with age, but can sometimes be due to poor dental hygiene, bad habits such as smoking, or a sugary diet, or simply because some people have teeth that are naturally more prone to degradation than others due to the strength of their teeth enamel.
  • Dental Surgery
    A dental implants procedure is a common practice after an individual has any type of dental surgery where they have teeth removed. If for example, a patient presents with an unhealthy tooth that is causing them pain, while the dentist may perform a root canal, they may also opt to remove the tooth, eliminate any unhealthy residue left in the gum from the root of the tooth, and then proceed with putting the screw in the bone to allow for a dental implant to be added.
  • Injury to the Mouth
    Getting hit in the mouth, getting in a car accident causing mouth trauma, or falling and causing damage to one’s teeth is not ideal for anybody. Luckily though, there are many types of dental implants which can be used that will typically fix many of the problems associated with these issues. Many people assume dental implants can only be offered as a single tooth, but there are options for bridges, a few teeth to be inserted as part of one implant, and single tooth options for when you have a missing tooth or it gets knocked out. The best thing to do is to come to your dentist in Markham and ask about dental implants options for you.
  • Missing Tooth
    It is not uncommon for patients to visit the dentist for a dental implants procedure after spending several years with a missing tooth and a hole in their smile! Many people are unware of the advanced implant technology that provides seamless implants that are not noticeably different from the rest of the teeth. As a result, unfortunately, these people may go for several years with not enough teeth in their mouth.

If you are suffering from deteriorating teeth, recently suffered an injury to your mouth, or have had a hole in your smile for several years, it’s time to take action! Talk to your Markham dentist today about dental implant options.

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