What Material Are Dental Implants Made Of?

dental implants

If you’re looking for dental implants in Markham , you’ve come to the right place! Dental implants are one of the most significant modern dentistry advancements. Take it from a dental implants specialist: missing a tooth can seem like only a cosmetic issue, but quite the opposite is true. Before we explore what Markham dental implants are made of, let’s unpack some general information about them.

Working With Your Dental Implants Specialist

Dental implants are essentially a prosthesis type that looks like a small screw that is drilled into the jaw bone, acting as an anchor to the crown or the ‘tooth,’ which is what you see attached at the gumline.

Why consider dental implants in Markham? Many patients feel embarrassed or ashamed about their missing teeth, especially in apparent areas. A significant part of our job is helping you look and feel your best without judgment.

If you require dental implants, it’s crucial to think about the long-term effects of missing multiple teeth. Even missing just one tooth can adversely affect the way you chew, cause chronic pain issues and potentially affect your ability to talk. Missing teeth can also affect the way your face looks. Without a root anchoring the bone, your jawbones start to deteriorate, which can cause your cheeks and lips to sag.

What are Dental Implants Made of?

Understanding every type of dental implant’s intricate details is integral to each treatment to ensure its durability and longevity. Here are the main materials you’ll see in a set of Markham dental implants.

  • Titanium: The most significant material used in the implant, and the majority are made of titanium or titanium alloys and contain metals including aluminum and nickel. The jaw bone grows around the titanium implant and essentially grows around it. It also plays an essential role in holding the new tooth in place. Some patients have had titanium implants that have lasted over thirty years.
  • Zirconia: not the same as the fake diamond earrings, but close! Zirconium oxide, is a ceramic material that’s been available for almost twenty years. It’s an ideal choice for patients who have allergies to metal.
  • Prosthetic Teeth: The portion of the dental implants that you see is the prosthetic tooth, typically made of porcelain. Porcelain is the ideal material because it echoes the color and texture of a natural tooth. While you may be wondering how porcelain is strong enough to act as a tooth, this is different from what you would see in a figurine collection. The type of porcelain used for prosthetic teeth is very durable and created to suit your smile perfectly.
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