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Yikes! Something in your mouth needs attention. Is there anything you could do about it at home? Save some money and avoid seeing a dentist in Markham? Unfortunately, most DIY fixes are fervently discouraged by experts. In fact, you can end up doing more damage than help. This can have negative impacts on your teeth and your wallet, as you’ll have to pay to fix the damage you did. Instead, if you need dental services, call up a Markham dental office, and ask for their earliest appointment. Leave the surgery to the pros.

Extracting Teeth at Home – Don’t

We’ve all seen the videos of people tying strings to their teeth and slamming the door. Worse, they dig around with pliers and attempt to remove the offending tooth. Absolutely do not attempt this at home. It’s entertaining in a fictional film, but can be incredibly damaging to your teeth in real life.

You run two major risks by attempting DIY extractions. The first is that you will inadvertently damage the tooth, bone, or tissue. If it’s so painful that you can’t wait, it’s actually a strong indicator that you should seek help in a Markham dental office. Usually, high pain indicates some other issue at play like an infection. The second major risk is causing your own infection. If you use unsanitized, rough tools inside your mouth, you risk introducing bacteria. This can be fatal if done incorrectly. Visit a dentist in Markham instead of DIYing it.

Filing Down Your Teeth – Don’t

There’s simply no safe way to file down your teeth at home. It’s not as easy as it sounds! Professionals receive intense training with the tools and techniques required to safely file teeth. It is unlikely that you have the right tools at home to execute the job safely. Plus, you can’t even see inside your own mouth.

If you attempt this DIY, the results could be painful. You might stab yourself in the gums. You could file off too much of your tooth and wear down to the root or damage the enamel. This could result in increased tooth sensitivity. Use professional dental services if you need teeth filed.

Homemade Whitening and Pastes – Don’t

Unfortunately, lots of homemade remedies for teeth whiteners or toothpastes just don’t get the job done. When you DIY a whitener with citrus rinds, you risk damaging the enamel with so much acid. With baking soda-based toothpastes, you won’t get the fluoride that helps prevent tooth decay.

It’s much wiser to simply visit a dentist in Markham and accept professional help. If you would like to make an appointment, call Markham 7 Dental to set up an appointment. Your teeth will thank you, and so will your wallet. We look forward to serving you!

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