What Do Dentists Recommend to Avoid Early Tooth Decay?

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Figuring out ways to prevent health issues can be a challenge. As you probably lead a busy life with work and children to take care of, putting your physical health on the back burner may happen more often than you want. However, over time, if you neglect some parts like your teeth, you will need to seek professional help like a Markham dentist.

One of the most common issues that can arise with teeth is decay. There are many ways that you can help limit the amount of decay your teeth experience, and it all starts with how you eat and what you drink. If you see a dentist in Markham, they can give you some great tips for avoiding premature tooth decay.

Eat More Veggies

A primary reason why so many doctors and dentists get their patients to eat more vegetables is their fantastic health benefits. Not only do eating these foods help with weight-related issues, but they contain vital nutrients necessary in the maintenance of good health.

Veggies are one of the best sources of multiple vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which can help keep your teeth clean and prevent decay. Leafy greens like spinach contain high amounts of calcium, which helps to fortify your teeth through remineralization.

Eat Less Sugar

Processed and sugary foods can cause severe damage to your teeth, and if you don’t kick sugar habits throughout your adulthood, you will undoubtedly wind up with premature tooth decay. Instead of buying foods with added sugar, the dentist in Markham recommends that you get most of your sugars naturally from fruit. However, fruit juices should be avoided. As fruit juices are concentrated, they tend to be more acidic and sugary, quickening tooth decay.

Milk & High-Calcium Alternatives

Dairy products like cheese are incredible for the teeth because they are high in calcium and can help neutralize acidic environments by raising the pH. Many plant-based alternatives have added calcium and vitamins that can still be just as effective if you are lactose intolerant or refrain from consuming dairy products. If you make them part of a balanced diet, you are more likely to reap their rewards.

At your local Markham dental office, you can get more information on preventing early tooth decay. Your Markham dentist can also set you up with regular cleanings and checkups to catch any problems before becoming more serious.

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