What Are the Suggestions From a Pediatric Dentist for Children?

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Strong oral health is essential for young children and teenagers. When beginning at a young age, you can prevent potential issues and develop strong oral habits that last a lifetime. There are many recommendations from a pediatric dentist in Markham to keep your children’s teeth in tip-top condition and as healthy as possible. Here are several suggestions to improve kid’s dental care in Markham.

Start When They Are Young

Do not wait until your children are older to establish proper brushing and flossing habits. The earlier you begin these actions, the faster your children will catch on, and the better their overall oral health will be. Even before infants have a mouth full of teeth, you can begin excellent oral habits by wiping a damp washrag over the gums to remove milk residue.

Watch Their Sugar Intake

Children love sweet treats such as cookies, fruit snacks, and fruit juices. Unfortunately, these foods are filled with excess sugars that are not only bad for their physical well-being but their oral health as well. If the sugar is not removed from the surfaces of the teeth, it turns to an acid, which will eat its way through the enamel on the teeth, causing tooth decay. By limiting the amount of sugar your children consume, it will decrease the risk of this condition and improve many aspects of your child’s physical and oral health.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

You shouldn’t choose a random toothbrush for your child to use. Rather, you must use a toothbrush that is the right size for your child’s mouth. This will allow the bristles to more easily reach all areas of the mouth, removing plaque and tartar. Also, make sure your child’s toothbrush features soft bristles to prevent it from damaging the teeth or gums and replace it every three months.

Visit a Pediatric Dentist in Markham

Visiting the dentist every six months should be a priority. At these appointments, a pediatric dentist in Markham will carefully examine your child’s teeth and look for potential complications. If your child is willing, he or she may also receive x-rays and a deep cleaning of the teeth. This is also an excellent time to ask questions and receive help to perfect the brushing and flossing technique.

As you search for kid’s dental care in Markham, give Markham 7 Dental a call. Your children will receive excellent care in a warm, friendly, and comfortable environment. Contact us today to become more familiar with Markham dentistry for children.

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