What Age Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

wisdom teeth removal

There are several reasons why you might need your wisdom teeth removed. Maybe you have pain in the area or your gums are swollen near to the third molar. These are two of the most common signs that you might need wisdom teeth removal.

However, if your wisdom teeth are not currently bothering you, you might be wondering when you should have them removed, or if you need them to be removed at all.

Consulting your local dentist is one of the best options if you are concerned about wisdom teeth removal treatment. They will be able to give you their expert advice on whether or not it is time to get them removed.

Many parents wonder if wisdom teeth removal for kids is necessary. They are unsure whether or not their children need to undergo an invasive procedure such as wisdom tooth removal although it is better to wait until they are a little older. Most dentists will inform you that preventative measures are always better than waiting for a problem to arise and treating it then. So, what is the best age range for wisdom teeth removal?

Usually, wisdom teeth emerge in late teenagehood or early adulthood. Commonly, this is the age that they are removed to avoid future problems from occurring.

Generally, wisdom teeth removal treatment would be performed when around 2/3 of the roots emerged. Performing the procedure before the wisdom teeth are fully grown is much easier and the recovery process is much quicker at this stage. If the wisdom teeth removed from the roots have fully developed, dental patients have a high risk of complications and the recovery time period is much longer.

If you go for a routine appointment at the dentist and they suggest that your third molars need to be removed, you will be booked in for the procedure as soon as possible.

When booking a date for the surgery, make sure you choose a time that suits you. You’re going to need to prepare yourself the day before, and you will need several days after the procedure to fully rest and recover.

The recovery time period is different for everyone, so you may only need a few days post-procedure to fully recover. However, it’s always best to give yourself more than enough time, so you feel ready to return to your normal activities of daily living after your wisdom tooth removal.

During this recovery period, avoid heavy lifting, vigorous exercise, or playing sports. You must allow your body to heal from the procedure.

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