The Minimum Age to Start Teeth Whitening

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People are searching for brighter, more aesthetically pleasing teeth nowadays. This has led to many dentists offering teeth bleaching procedures to help satisfy their patients’ needs and desires. But many people are becoming more and more concerned about the minimum age requirements for teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth whitening is one of many procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Markham. It’s recommended that children have all of their permanent teeth (either fully grown or recently erupted) to have professional teeth bleaching done.

The minimum age generally lies around 11 and 12 years old. This is just a guideline because every child’s teeth grow at different rates. For this reason, many cosmetic dentistry services require children to be at least 16 years old to have teeth whitening procedures. They also require children under 18 to be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Children who are around the age of 10 years old may undergo teeth whitening. This will be performed with bleaching gas, such as hydrogen peroxide agents, which whiten the inner part of the tooth enamel.

Why Do Parents Delay Teeth Whitening For Their Children?

Many parents choose to delay teeth bleaching and potentially other kinds of cosmetic dentistry in Markham. The main reason for this is the nature of the bleaching gels and agents used.

These agents can be abrasive and may cause long-lasting damage to the enamel of the teeth if not used correctly. This can lead to sensitivity in the teeth, which can be uncomfortable or painful.

Many parents choose to buy home teeth whitening kits instead of taking their children to the dentist for a professional procedure. But often, these home kits are not suitable and may cause damage to the enamel or reduce the mineral content of the teeth.

Factors To Consider In Teeth Bleaching

When you’re deciding whether or not your child is suitable for professional teeth bleaching, here are some of the critical factors to consider.
Tooth sensitivity – although the procedure is usually painless, people with extra sensitive teeth may find it uncomfortable or slightly painful.

Physical Health

Certain medical health conditions can affect the effectiveness and safety of teeth whitening procedures.

Oral Hygiene

The length of time the teeth remain bright and white depends on the oral hygiene practice after the procedure. It also depends on the foods and drinks that are eaten post-procedure. Touch-ups may be necessary at some point in the future.

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