The Difference Between Hard and Soft Nightguards

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Hard or soft night guards are all designed to serve a unique purpose. Before we differentiate between a hard night guard and a soft night guard, let’s quickly look at what a night guard means. Nightguards are designed mouth guards used for protecting the teeth and limiting bruxism symptoms.

There are three different types of nightguards: soft, hard, and custom-fitted mouth guards.

A dentist is most likely going to recommend night mouth guards, depending on your dental status. The dentist may have examined the patient and believe that the recommended night guard will give the patient an ideal combination of protection and comfort.

What is the difference between a soft night guard and a hard night guard?

Recent research can help us understand the pros and cons of soft and hard night guards. We are also going to see their effect on TMJ and bruxism. We will see the best night guard for bruxism and which is best for a good sleep. The studies below examined the effectiveness and functions of these two night mouth guards.

  • The researchers found soft night guards to be more effective in some of their studies. They examined TMJ disorder patients, and they discovered that although both night mouth guards display a high level of effectiveness. However, soft night guard showed more efficacy and yielded a faster result.
  • Another study discovered that hard night guards were most effective. They collected samples from ten participants, and at the end of their research, they found that the efficacy of hard night guards in reducing jaw muscle activity is better than the soft night guard. Thus, it is the best night guard for bruxism. The research also found that while hard night guards could reduce jaw muscle activity, soft night guards did the opposite and encouraged people to clench down or chew.
  • A study conducted at Al-Mustansyriah University indicated that soft night guards are more effective. The researchers found that subjecting a patient to soft guards helps the patients to improve faster. It also found that the patients were encouraged to continue treatment.

Although both hard and soft night guards have their unique functions, it is best to talk to a dentist for professional guidance rather than getting night mouth guards over the counter. More so, your condition might be unique and would best be treated by custom-fitted mouth guards.

The mouth is a vital body organ that should be given ultimate attention and care. Self-medication is highly discouraged, and in a situation like this, it could cause you severe TMJ disorder.

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