Temporary Tooth Replacement with Flexible RPDs

Temporary tooth replacement

The best fix for a missing tooth is a dental implant. However, dental implants can be expensive. It is recommended that a missing tooth be replaced by an implant, but if that procedure is not in the budget, there is a temporary fix that is far better than leaving a gap in your teeth. The lower-cost solution is similar to traditional dentures. Markham residents may be familiar with a removable partial denture or RPD.

The RPD is flexible, whereas traditional dentures are rigid. A flexible RPD can be installed by a denture clinic that offers such services. But regardless of where the procedure is done, they all use similar material. RPDs are constructed from a type of nylon that was first developed decades ago. These flexible inserts are made by applying heat to the nylon, softening it. That soft nylon is then injected into a mould. The mould creates the denture base. At a denture clinic in Markham, false teeth would then be attached to the synthetic gums in the locations where a person’s teeth are missing.

In addition to the cosmetic appeal, a flexible RPD also serves to prevent neighbouring teeth from encroaching on the space left by the missing tooth. The benefit here is that if you plan to have an implant installed down the road, the flexible PRD will reserve the space for that implant by preventing other teeth from drifting into the space. Should you decide to leave the gap without anything to fill it for years, you may find yourself needing an orthodontist’s services to move teeth back to their intended space, before the implant is installed.

Because an RPD is flexible and light, it is comfortable to wear. Unlike rigid dentures, which need an adhesive to keep them in place, flexible RPD uses extensions that fit into the concave spaces of teeth to hold them in place.

The downside to a flexible RPD is that they are not as durable as the rigid, permanent option. They can also be difficult to repair. The flexible RPD is intended as a temporary solution, not a permanent one. As such, it can be expected that the RPD won’t last as long as permanent dentures or a crown.

A flexible RPD still needs care and attention, just like permanent dentures. They should be cleaned regularly and given the same care and attention as your regular teeth.

As an affordable option, a flexible RPD is a great solution. If you’ve recently lost a tooth, and are looking for an affordable fix, contact a denture clinic in Markham to see if a temporary RPD is for you.

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