Teeth Whitening: Why is it Better Than Over the Counter Kits?

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Discolouration of teeth is a normal occurrence for many people. It happens with age, from the consumption of common foods and beverages, such as coffee and tea, and it may be simply that the natural colouration of your teeth is not as white as you would like. For many people this leads them to want to look into Markham teeth whitening options. While it may be costlier to do it at your local dentist, as opposed to buying a kit at the pharmacy, in the end, it will yield much more desirable and professional results.

Professional Materials and Equipment

When you have your teeth whitening done in Markham by a professional dentist, they have professional industry grade equipment and whitening solutions, and use teeth whitening methods which they have received continuing education in. This is not the case if you choose over the counter kits. In many cases, for these kits, there is no bleach, meaning they will likely only lighten your teeth and not properly whiten them. Furthermore, they are only typically sold as strips or gels, not a complete immersive service like you would receive from a professional.

Safety Standards

While over the counter kits are tested and pass health and safety standards at the time of production, everybody reacts differently to them, and there can be an array of unintended side effects you could experience when you use home teeth whitening methods. For some people, this is an increased sensitivity in their teeth, which goes away with time, while for others it is more severe, such as a reaction leading to gum infection or gum damage. Having the procedure done by a professional means you not only know you get quality, professional products, but you are also monitored during the whole process so that the dentist can immediately halt the procedure if something is going awry.

Guarantee and Success

If you go to the pharmacy in Markham to purchase a teeth whitening kit, there is no guarantee that it will work for you or give you the results that you are hoping for. In some cases, individuals experience incredible results, with visibly lighter teeth, while for others, there is hardly any difference at all. When you go to your dentist however, and have a professional teeth whitening procedure, it comes with a degree of guarantee that it will provide results for you, and a good dentist will follow up with you after the fact to ensure you are happy with the results you received.

Don’t let the barrier of cost stop you from making the decision to do professional teeth whitening and go out and purchase a kit instead. While the former may be more expensive, it will last much longer, give you much better results, and be a safer long-term solution for your oral health.

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