TMJ Pain and Disorder Treatment
TMJ Pain and Disorder Treatment

Do you know the name of the joint that helps you eat, swallow, and even speak each day? It is the temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ or jaw joint) that allows you to open and close your mouth with ease. Unfortunately, when issues occur to this joint, it creates pain and limited mobility, consequently making normal activities that use your mouth challenging. Additionally, issues involving this joint may cause headaches, ringing or pain in the ears, even clicking and popping sounds each time you try to open or close your mouth.

Unfortunately, determining what is causing the pain and dysfunction in the joint is difficult. There are many factors and risks that can contribute to these conditions, including severe teeth grinding or jaw clenching, an oral injury, if you have missing teeth, or even have several teeth that are the incorrect size. However, there are some obvious causes of the condition as well, such as the joint moved out of alignment or if you suffer from arthritis and the cartilage is destroyed.

In many cases, TMJ disorder treatment is necessary to help you decrease the pain and restore the jaw back it to its normal function. There are several types of treatment options available –some more intense treatment options may require surgery. Nonsurgical options are possible and you may simply can require medications such as muscle relaxers and pain relievers. You will want to work closely with one of our medical professionals at Markham 7 Dental to determine the best TMJ pain treatment plan for your condition.

TMJ disorder is not something you need to suffer through, and you deserve to live your life to the fullest. If you are experiencing pain or are limited in your jaw movement, speak with one of our team members today at our TMJ clinic. We can help you create a TMJ treatment plan that will help you live a normal, pain-free life once again.

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