Sports Guards
Sports Guards

When playing contact sports, your teeth need just as much protection as other parts of your body. One bad fall or a hard hit can cause severe injuries and trauma to your teeth. Sports guards can be essential in preventing permanent damage to your teeth and intense dental treatment.

A sports guard is a simple device that you wear in your mouth that protects your teeth in case of a hard hit or fall. When fit and sized properly, these guards provide the ultimate comfort and will prevent cuts, chips, cracks, and missing teeth. Wearing this type of device is highly recommended for sports such as football, hockey, soccer, basketball — basically any type of contact sport.

There are many types of sports guards, and some you can pick up at the local store. However, these devices may do little good as they don’t fit your teeth properly or provide the right type of protection you need during a serious accident. You want a custom-made sports guard that will fit comfortably in your mouth and is the right size to provide the proper amount of protection for your teeth. These custom-fit devices will also last much longer and will not wear down as quickly as many low-quality products.

At Markham 7 Dental, we know the safety of your teeth is a priority and can provide you with sports guards that are durable and fit correctly. We will take an impression of your teeth and create a mold to make sure your sports guard fits you correctly. Being active is an important part of staying healthy, but so is wearing the right safety gear to keep your body safe. If you have any questions or need a sports guard for you or a member of your family, give us a call today.

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