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Panorex machine

High-quality, crisp images are essential for strong dental care, and a Panorex X-ray Machine provides just that. This machine captures a two-dimensional x-ray of the upper and lower jaw and all of your teeth quickly and with little discomfort.

While you won’t use this machine for a regular dental checkup, it has many uses. This technology is commonly used for orthodontic treatments. It can help your orthodontist identify trouble areas in your mouth and determine orthodontic treatments to fix your bites, teeth, and spacing issues. You may also use this machine to determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

This machine is ideal for identifying problems with the jaw joint. When you have a dysfunctional jaw joint, it becomes difficult to open and close your mouth, making regular activities such as eating and speaking difficult. Additionally, Panorex Machines are useful tools to help identify periodontal disease, as well as signs of oral cancer. Unfortunately, this disease is often difficult to diagnose as many symptoms are not noticeable until the condition has progressed.

A Panorex Machine is different than a traditional dental x-ray. A patient will stand or sit next to the machine and bite down on a small device. This helps the medical professional accurately position your head so the machine can capture the image. When the machine captures the image, a small device will rotate around your head for several seconds. With a digital Panorex Machine, the image of your jaw and teeth will appear almost instantly for a dental professional to review.

At Markham 7 Dental we want to provide you with the most accurate, comfortable, and safe dental experience possible. Contact us today to learn more about the technology we use in our dental office and how we can improve your dental and physical health.

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