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Occlusal Adjustment

If you frequently grind or clench your teeth, you are doing more than simply wearing down and damaging your teeth and jaw. This action may also be creating an uneven bite, which can affect how you eat and speak. However, grinding and clenching your teeth aren’t the only actions that can affect your bite. It may also change if your teeth become crowded, move, or if you lose teeth.

In many of these situations, an occlusal adjustment may be ideal. This is a procedure to realign your bite and help your teeth fit properly against one another. It is not an invasive and lengthy procedure, and you will not experience intense pain throughout it.

Before the actual procedure, a thorough evaluation is required to correctly identify the problem areas. This will require x-rays and in some cases, more extensive images from an MRI or CT scan. If you have a severe issue, additional diagnostic work may be needed such as customized molds of your teeth to ensure all problem areas are taken care of. To complete the procedure, a dentist at Markham 7 Dental will use a drill to make the adjustments in your mouth. The drill will reshape the teeth to adjust the bite.

This type of procedure may require additional trips to the dentist office. It is important that your bite is correct and fits evenly in your mouth. Once you return to your normal activities such as sleeping and eating, you may notice areas where further adjustments need to be made, which may require additional visits.

At Markham 7 Dental, we work hard to help you avoid any pain, discomfort, or inconvenience that may occur from an uneven bite. Reach out to a member of our staff today for more information regarding an occlusal adjustment, teeth grinding, and your oral health.

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