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Taking proper care of your teeth is vital. Poor oral hygiene habits have many consequences including cavities and teeth decay. When you don’t care for your teeth properly, the acid on your teeth eats away your enamel — the substance that protects the tooth’s surface — making you more prone to cavities. Unfortunately, when those cavities aren’t properly treated, or you have a damaged tooth that you didn’t care for, it can lead to tooth decay.

Severe tooth decay is just one of the many reasons you may need to have your tooth extracted or pulled. However, this isn’t the only reason for this type of procedure. Some individuals may be born with extra teeth that are causing crowding or spacing issues. You may have other oral conditions that require extraction, or you may need to pull a tooth to use a full set of dentures.

While a tooth extraction can sound scary and painful, it doesn’t have to be. The dentist or oral surgeon will provide a numbing substance to decrease any pain. They also can offer you different sedation options to make the entire process more relaxing. You may also be required to take antibiotics prior to the procedure and following it to prevent the extraction site from becoming infected. After the tooth is pulled, you may receive stitches and it can take several days before you begin to feel back to normal. You may also be on a limited diet to prevent harming the stitches and to keep your pain level to a minimum. The dentist will also provide follow-up care to make sure the extraction site heals properly and to prevent a severe infection in your mouth.

If you are worried about an extraction or have any questions regarding the procedure or follow-up care, our staff at Markham 7 Dental is ready to answer your questions. Contact us today for a consultation on the best treatment plan for you.

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