Regardless of your age — whether you’re a teenager or an adult —your teeth will move and shift in unwanted ways. To help your teeth move back into place and to give you that stunning smile that you want, you may need an orthodontic treatment such as braces. Braces can seem like a burden, but can be of your most effective and easiest options for slowly moving your teeth back into place.

Braces do much more than fix crooked teeth. They can repair all types of issues in your mouth including overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Crowded teeth are also a common issue for both adults and teenagers, and braces can be the best tool to slowly adjust teeth and move them back to their ideal location.

While many individuals think of the traditional wire braces when they think of straightening teeth, these aren’t your only options. Invisalign, which are clear removable aligners, is an incredible technology that allows the benefits of braces while not needing all of the wires. With this option, you can take your clear braces out of your mouth when eating or during important events, but they still must be worn most of the day to be effective.

Ceramic braces are another common choice where the brackets blend in with the color of your teeth, making them less visible to others.

Many individuals push the notion of braces away for fear that they require too much work and maintenance. But that’s not the case. By taking time to regularly visit your dentist and orthodontist and brushing and flossing well, you can have excellent results from these devices.

If you are ready to begin a treatment plan for your teeth, Markham 7 Dental is ready to help. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and begin your treatment plan to help you receive the smile you’ve always wanted. Even if you are an adult, it’s not too late. Give us a call today and have your consult with our orthodontist for FREE!

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