Intraoral Cameras Can Better Understand Your Oral Health

Intraoral Camera

As dental technology advances, new tools are being developed to help dentists provide better care for their patient’s teeth. This is beneficial in so many ways, including finding, preventing, and treating issues before they get out of hand. One of the advanced technologies is the intraoral camera.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

This camera is a small, pen-like device that can be placed into a patient’s mouth while they are reclined in the dental chair. It is hooked up to a computer and sends a live feed to the screen. The dentist is able to see the patient’s teeth from a variety of different angles so that they can detect any problems or issues.

A digital intraoral camera also allows the doctor to take video or freeze a picture of your teeth, allowing them to enhance and zoom in on specific areas. This is beneficial in taking a closer look at anything that seems suspicious or worrisome. It can show the dentist if a filling is weakening, tiny factures in a tooth, or bleeding gums, among other issues.

Other Benefits

In addition to making oral exams easier on the doctor, some other benefits of a intraoral camera include the following.

Reduced dental anxiety

A lot of people don’t like to go to the dentist because they are afraid that it will put them in pain. For some, this is a valid concern, especially if they are dealing with gum disease or have advanced tooth decay. Using a digital intraoral camera can help find and catch these issues before they become major problems, and the process isn’t painful at all!


An intraoral camera is incredibly accurate when finding and diagnosing dental issues. The ability for the dentist to enhance and zoom in on specific regions of your tooth means finding problems sooner and putting a treatment plan in place.

Track treatment and issues

Because the pictures taken with this device can be saved, it’s easy for the dentist to track the progression of an issue—whether it’s getting worse or getting better due to treatment. This means that if the current treatment plan isn’t working, it can be changed to be more beneficial.

Better At-home Care

It’s possible to print out pictures taken by this device and send them home with you. Having the proof right in front of your eyes may make it challenging to deny that you need to change something in your oral cleaning routine. You and your dentist will be able to work together to get your teeth as healthy as possible.

Patient knowledge

It’s your mouth and knowing what’s going on in there can be incredibly beneficial. Since you often don’t get a chance to scrutinize your teeth, this device gives you the opportunity to do that so you know exactly what’s going on.

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