How do You Know When it is Time for Dental Implants?

Markham for dental implants

If you think of having false teeth put in your mouth to replace a missing tooth, you may have images of shiny, silver teeth that pop up in your head. In reality, dental implants have come a long way and dramatically advanced in technology and are now a viable option for improving your smile and filling in gaps in your mouth in a way that looks and feels completely natural.

Dental implants are a small screw like anchor that is placed into the jawbone, underneath the gum, and acts as a place to hold a crown, or an artificial tooth. The screw is completely hidden and all that is visible when you smile is a tooth that is perfectly matched to the colour of your other teeth and looks natural. There are several reasons why you may need to have a tooth like this put in your mouth:

You Have Missing Teeth

Many people do not realize that coming to a dentist in Markham for dental implants is a common and accepted practice for more than just those people who have teeth falling out due to old age. In fact, many of the patients who require implants have had missing teeth for several years, and only come later in life to have the hole filled. If this is you, know that dental implants are a safe and reliable method for improving your smile and you should speak to your dentist about the options that exist for you.

You Have Teeth Removed

Whether it is because you are having problems with the tooth in that it is causing you severe pain, or you are needing to have it removed to maintain the health of your gums and allow proper space for your other teeth, having a tooth removed will likely leave a gap in your smile. Nobody wants to have this hole, and this is where dental implants from your Markham oral health professional can be used to offer you relief. Before you go through any procedure that involves having teeth removed, be sure to discuss the need for implants and when you will have them done. Ensuring you have them completed is critical to maintaining the health of your gums, preventing bone deterioration in your jaw, and of course, in helping you maintain a beautiful smile.

Your Teeth are Deteriorating

Getting older or failing to look after your teeth when you are younger are both things that may lead to the deterioration of your teeth, leaving them damaged, sensitive, and in many cases too painful to use for chewing, talking and smiling. When they get to this stage, you should plan to come to your Markham dentist for a dental implants consultation.

Don’t put up with that hole in your smile anymore! Visit the dentist and book an appointment to have your implants completed.

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