Dental Precautions During Summer Swimming

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Swimming is one of the best exercises for young kids to stay healthy and enjoy their vacations. However, as many dentists suggest, swimming can pose risks to dental health for both recreational swimmers and professional athletes. Accordingly, pediatric dentists in Markham recommend proper safety measures while swimming to avoid dental issues.

Can Swimming Harm the Teeth?

Any pediatric dentist can vouch for the fact that swimming can harm the teeth. Exposure to strong chemicals in the pool water and injuries from poor swimming positions can cause significant harm to the teeth. This makes it imperative to take the proper measures when swimming.

Dental Precautions To Follow During Summer

1. Swim in Properly Maintained Swimming Pools

It goes without saying that if the swimming pool is not well-maintained, it can cause many health issues. For instance, exposure to overly chlorinated water can bring teeth in contact with a highly acidic environment. Acidic water can damage the tooth enamel and cause the weakening of the tooth structure. Other issues that can be caused by chlorinated water include dental pain, teeth stains, and calculus formation. Accordingly, one should avoid swimming in chlorinated water without taking preventive measures.

2. Take Precautions to Avoid Accidents

Accidents on the poolside can also cause damage to the teeth. For instance, wet floor surfaces can cause you to fall and hurt your teeth. Therefore, both adults and kids should use proper swimming and diving techniques to avoid such injuries.

3. Keep the Dental Appliances Protected

Dental appliances like retainers can get loose during water activities. Some appliances also contain plastics, which can be damaged easily by chemically treated water. Therefore, dental appliances should be taken off and stored in clean containers before swimming.

4. Schedule a Dental Appointment

It is always a good idea to schedule a dental appointment for your kids and visit a pediatric dentist in Markham before participating in water activities. Teeth can get damaged due to high pressure. This condition is known as barodontalgia, which can also result in acute pain in the teeth as well. Moreover, some teeth are pretty sensitive. Therefore, visiting a dentist before participating in water activities is always preferable to avoid potential emergencies. Another way to prevent further dental complications is to visit the dentist after swimming to get a general checkup on dental health.


Swimming is one of the most exciting summer activities. However, even this fun activity can result in oral health issues if proper measures are not taken. It is always a good idea to visit the dentist before and after the swimming activity to avoid dental complications.

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