Dental Implants in Markham: Preventing Tooth Damage

dental implants

If you are missing teeth, or are starting to lose your teeth, it’s important to learn about why you should be considering dental implants to prevent tooth damage and what the consequences are if you don’t receive the proper dental or periodontics treatment.

Stop Tooth Decay

Your teeth are held in place by the roots that are underneath your gum tissue and anchored into the jaw bone. When you lose a tooth and have one of these roots missing, the lack of structure along your jaw and gum mean the teeth that are remaining no longer have the support they need to remain healthy and you hasten the pace of tooth decay. If you have an implant fitted by your local Markham periodontist, you will be able to re-establish the structure in your gum and jawbone, and this will also reinforce the health of your current teeth and allow them to resist premature decay.

Prevent Jaw Bone Deterioration

Similar to how your healthy teeth may start to decay when you have a missing tooth, your jaw bone can also start to deteriorate. The occurrence of natural teeth in your jaw bone, which are alive and in need of nutrients, simultaneously stimulate and promote the nutritional needs of your jaw bone. The teeth stimulate bone cell growth, and these cells are necessary to support the physical structure of the bone, as well as to offer the nutrients it needs to maintain integrity and stay healthy. When the teeth are missing, and this stimulation is as well, the bone starts to deteriorate and so do the teeth that are contained within that area of the bone.

Inhibit Tooth Drift

When you have a hole where a tooth once was and now is missing, it is not uncommon to experience drifting of your other teeth. This is where the teeth that previously were stable and held securely in place by the complete alignment of the teeth within your mouth, now start to move. In the wake of the missing tooth, this offers space within the gum tissue, and the other teeth can start to move slightly. While it may not be visible to the naked eye, over time it can be enough that it also pushes on other teeth, causing your teeth to come out of line and affect your smile. This may set you up for orthodontics treatment such as braces or Invisalign. Having an implant put in prevents any of these problems and keeps all of your teeth in place.

If you have a missing tooth and think dental implants may be right for you, visit your local Markham periodontist and enquire about the procedure. How advanced your condition is will determine whether a periodontist versus a dentist is necessary and help you get your smile back to complete.

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