Choosing Between a Dental Crown or Bridge

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There are multiple reasons why teeth might need replacing. You or a loved one may experience physical damage well participating in physical activities, cavities and plaque buildup may be causing intense pain, or you may have some other dental issues that require the removal of teeth. Thankfully, due to advancements in dental technology, you no longer need to tolerate a patchy smile. There are two great options for replacing or covering damaged teeth: a dental crown or a dental bridge treatment.

Both are suitable replacements for teeth and can be installed for a permanent solution to your dental issues. Now just one question remains, which one do you need? This is not one of those questions that can be left to the internet to resolve. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing significant damage to the enamel or dentin of your teeth, it’s time to go visit your local dental bridge clinic as soon as possible. Here you will receive the expert consultation necessary to make an informed decision about your oral health strategy.

Dental Crown Treatment

Essentially, a dental crown is a cover that goes overtop of an existing tooth to protect damaged areas from further harm. The tooth in question is shaved down to provide room for a crown that is then adhered to the damaged tooth for a permanent solution. Once a crown is in place, it can be treated like any other tooth that requires routine flossing, brushing, and other forms of maintenance.

Dental crowns are most often used when someone is experiencing issues where the outer protective layer of a tooth is compromised. You likely know that enamel is eroded over time, butchemicals accelerate this processs in food, improper maintenance, and physical injury. Any significant damage to a single tooth will most likely require a crown but, again, it’s always best to check with your dental professional.

Dental Bridge Treatment

In cases where a tooth is completely absent, whether removed by a dentist or knocked out for some other reason. Bridges not only fill in the empty position, but they also fit overtop adjacent teeth to ensure that the replacement is securely attached within the mouth for proper functionality and appearance. Like crowns, dental bridges also need to be maintained vigilantly to ensure bacteria does not build up inside the tooth replacement.

If you still aren’t sure which solution will work best for your unique situation, contact the experts at Markham 7 Dental’s dental bridge clinic today. Located in the GTA, our professional service has been providing residents with professional bridge and dental crown treatments for years. We guarantee when you leave, you’ll have a smile on your face!

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