Can you still do sports with crowns or bridges?

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Over the years, people have asked many questions about dental implants, and one of the most frequent questions is, “can you still do sport with crowns or bridges?” People also want to know if dental bridge treatment is compatible with outdoor activities. Before we get deep into this discussion, we should clarify what dental crowns and bridges mean.

Dental crowns and bridges are permanent dental implants. They are not removable or have temporary removable devices like dentures, so they have an entirely different set of maintenance procedures.

If you are an active sports player, you will probably wonder if it is possible to get back at doing your regular field activities quickly. As we earlier stated, dental implants are permanent solutions to dental problems, so it carries and function of regular human teeth.

You can resume your sports activities after dental crown treatment, but you need to take some extra precautions. Sports can be a very risky activity, and you won’t want to damage your implants.

How to protect your implanted crowns and bridges as a sports person?

During sports activities, you must protect your dental implant from injuries. The key secret to having a solid set of teeth starts at home. You should make sure you have an excellent dental maintenance practice by having a fossil routine and regularly brushing them to maintain a healthy gum. However, using prescribed products could go a long way. The following are different ways to protect your dental crowns or bridges.

Use a mouth guard

If you have had a dental implant before, it is best advised to adopt mouth guard usage during your sporting activities. The mouth guard will help reduce the impact of any forceful contact that could injure your dental organ, among the list of reasons to wear a mouth guard.

Allow the procedure to get healed before resuming your sport routine

In the first few days of the surgery, you might experience bleeding, which can be prolonged by participating in any stressful activity. The stress will exhaust your body and could drain a lot of energy. Your body will need all the rest it can get to help it heal from the wounds incurred during the surgery.
It is natural for it to take a while before the jaw integrates the implant, so you are best advised to stay away from contact sports for weeks or even months to ensure you don’t injure the treated place.

In a nutshell, dental crowns and bridges give you the typical feel of natural teeth, not affecting your sports life. However, like every other surgery, dental bridge treatment or dental crown treatment takes time to heal; thus, you should give it enough time before returning to your sporting routine.

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