Can a Night Guard Hurt Your Teeth?

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A night guard is a common tool used to protect your teeth while you are sleeping. Many individuals grind their teeth throughout the night which can lead to many oral consequences including tooth sensitivity, broken or chipped teeth, pain, and much more. A night guard or teeth protector is a simple and effective TMJ pain treatment but only with the help of a medical professional.

Can a Night Guard Hurt My Teeth?

Night guards are small trays that you place on your teeth as you sleep. These trays provide a protective barrier to prevent damage from occurring to your teeth. When you wear night guards, they should not cause any pain. When you first begin wearing the device, you may notice it in your mouth. However, after some time, you should barely notice it at all.

If you do experience pain or your mouth is hurting after wearing a night guard, it is a sign that your night guard for teeth is not fitted properly in your mouth. The device may be too large or too small and is not providing the adequate protection that you desire and need. In this situation, it is best to visit a TMJ clinic to be properly fitted for your night guard.

Types of Night Guards Available

There are several types of night guards available and it is important you choose the best one for your needs.

Custom-Made Mouth guards

Custom night guards should be your first choice when seeking TMJ treatment. You will visit a TMJ clinic to be professionally fitted for the guard. A mold will be made of your teeth which will then be used to create a custom-fitted guard. These devices are extremely durable and made of high-quality materials. However, they can be an expensive TMJ pain treatment option.

Over-the-Counter Mouth Guards

When you visit a local retail store, you may see their wide selection of mouth guards. These may be tempting due to the low price tag. There are also many options to consider including products that you boil and place in your mouth. These items will mold around your teeth, helping to create a better fit. You may also choose very generic products that cushion around your teeth and provide minimal protection and relief.

If you are considering an over-the-counter mouth guard for sleeping, discuss the product with your dentist to ensure it is an adequate TMJ treatment option for your specific situation.

Dental Night Guards Side Effects

Unfortunately, there’s always the risk of side effects with nightguards. If you’re ever thinking “my night guard hurts my jaw” immediately contact your dentist to resolve the issue. Since your night guard is meant to resolve your jaw pain and treat your TMJ, if there is significantly increased pain or stiffness reach out to get the problem addressed. Dental night guard side effects should not be severely impacting your life. While there may be some stiffness or soreness as your jaw adjusts, if there is any sharp pain or bleeding in emergency situations contact your dentist immediately. An over the counter mouth guard may have an increased risk of side effects, so be prepared to change to a custom night guard if over the counter is causing discomfort.

If you want to protect your teeth and provide some relief from TMJ pain, a night guard is an excellent solution and is available at a local TMJ clinic. For more information about TMJ pain, treatments, and night guard options, give us a call at Markham 7 Dental today.

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