6 Reasons to Wear a Nightguard

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When you think of a mouth guard, you likely think of an athlete. However, mouthpieces can be a handy tool for all walks of life — especially those who grind their teeth. During the night, it’s common for people to be unaware they are grinding their teeth. It may be due to the individual’s jaw positioning or even their bite, but either way, it can cause tooth sensitivity or broken teeth down the line. There is a solution to this problem, and it’s known as the night guard. This device protects and maintains your dental health while you sleep.

Here are six reasons you should start wearing one if you think you may be grinding your teeth at night.

Custom Fit Night Guards Protect You from Sleep Bruxism

If you’ve woken up with jaw pain or a tight jaw, it’s possible you are dealing with sleep bruxism. A night guard can help combat sleep bruxism — a severe condition that causes jaw clenching and teeth grinding and exposes your teeth to increased wear and tear beyond regular daily chewing.

While sleeping or awake, bruxism can impact your lifestyle and overall health significantly from serious tooth damage. Custom fitted mouthguards can help. Ask your dentist how you can get started and ease the pressure on your jaw.

Reduce Headaches and Facial Pain

A night guard can help you even if you don’t suffer from bruxism. Our facial muscles do a lot of work during the day when we talk, chew, bite, or even play sports. Tension builds, which can result in stiffness and a reduced ability to move your jaw. Soreness may not mean you have a problem; it may just indicate that your muscles need a break. Mouthguards can help even minimal oral and facial pain, which can limit the number of headaches you have to experience.

Start Sleeping Better

Custom-fitted mouth guards can help ease conditions that impact your sleep habits. One Symptom of bruxism is temporomandibular dysfunction, tiredness of the muscles that causes soreness, and an inability to relax. Providing a protective layer for your teeth could reduce these symptoms and allow you to sleep throughout the night.

Avoid Extensive Dental Work

Jaw clenching and grinding your teeth can impact your oral health and the way your teeth appear from a cosmetic perspective. There are restorative options for fixing the look of your teeth — like inlays and outlays or replacement fillings, but these will cost you both time and money. Custom-fit night guards offer a proactive approach to your oral health.

Take the Next Step Towards Better Dental Health

Tell Markham 7 Dental about your clenching and grinding concerns, and find out if you require a custom guard while you sleep. They can only help your oral and physical health, so contact your dentist today.

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