What Makes a Cosmetic Dentist Unique?

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A variety of dentists specialize in different procedures, which can make it challenging to know which one is meant for you. General dentists and cosmetic dentists are the most common categories for professional oral care. Both dentists provide patient exams and conduct other similar practices. Learning the main differences between cosmetic dentistry services and general upkeep can help you determine which dental professional best suits your needs.

How Do Dentists Differ?

General services and cosmetic dentistry services are led by oral care professionals who are usually educated in the same way to get into their field. Regular, routine procedures are a part of both dentists’ workdays. Things like dental checkups, whitening of the teeth, and teeth repair fall into both realms of specialization. But a few essential procedures define each professional, including:

The General Dentist

A general dentist focuses mainly on preventing dental issues in the future and performing routine treatments. They may not have a specialty per se but handle standard measures for caring for the mouth, gums, and teeth. Dentists that perform general work continuously update their dental practice as they build upon their techniques to ensure quality treatment. Some examples of procedures they regularly perform include:

1. Mouth examinations
2. X-rays
3. Dental implants
4. Root canals
5. Dentures and fillings

The Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry in Markham is excellent for performing classic dental procedures while also transforming the look of your smile. These professionals provide optimal oral care by performing general dental duties with the bonus of altering the appearance of your teeth, so they look and feel great.

A Markham cosmetic dentist will also continue to develop their practice and complete up to date dentistry courses and educational programs. The cosmetic dental industry continues to outdo old techniques with innovations that can create the perfect smile. Because of this, a cosmetic dentist is always highly trained before completing a dental makeover and or any other aesthetic dental procedure. Cosmetics dentists often take care of processes like:

1. Dental crowns
2. Colored tooth fillings
3. Veneers (porcelain)
4. Invisalign®.
5. Ceramic Restorations

Is a Markham Cosmetic Dentist for You?

A cosmetic dentist undergoes similar training to that of a general practicing dentist. That makes it so that they can examine or clean your teeth, handle X-rays, or provide cavity fillings on top of changing your smile.

If basic dental hygiene is all you need, general dentists will suit your family best. Teeth cleaning and routine checkups are perfect for a general dentist. For those who have serious, emotional conflicts with the appearance of their teeth, cosmetic dentistry in Markham may be a better option.

Cosmetic dentists can apply composite fillings and craft an oral pattern that will achieve a natural white colour that matches your current smile. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry strengthen patients’ confidence every day.
Markham 7 Dental is here for you and can help you reach your cosmetic goals while maintaining your oral health.

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