What Is the Connection Between TMJ and Ear Pain?

TMJ treatment

Your body is bound to experience different types of pain over time, and one that you may not be aware of is TMJ pain. The TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint is what connects your skull to your jawbone. If you find that you have soreness around your head, you may need to seek TMJ treatment.

A TMJ clinic can help you understand the exact problem and help determine if it is the joint that is the issue or if something else is going on in your ear, teeth, or face. For some people, it is very easy to confuse ear pain with a TMJ-related disorder.

The Ear & TMJ

As the TMJ is a part of your face, when it is inflamed or there is an issue, it can affect your entire neck, your skull and face, and in many cases, your ear.

In some cases, the joint could be misaligned. When the joint is misaligned, it can be uncomfortable. Along with this by working slowly over time, if the issue is not addressed, patients will start to notice a sharp pain in their ear, which can be similar to other ear pain. In turn, this requires TMJ pain treatment.

How to Differentiate the Pains

The best way to differentiate between the different types of pain, ear pain, or TMJ pain is by visiting a TMJ clinic and having a professional diagnose the problem. As many problems could be wrong, they can conduct a physical examination to determine if the symptoms are related to a TMJ disorder or a different physical problem.

The primary way they will help discern whether or not you require TMJ pain treatment is by asking a series of questions about your physical health and conducting physical tests to see what movements cause more pain than others.

What to Do

If you are worried about a consistent pain in your ear or around your jaw, you may be dealing with a TMJ disorder. As leaving this unattended for too long could be dangerous, you should try and get it checked out immediately. While you can visit your family doctor, they most likely will refer you to your dentist, who can take a much better look.

At Markham 7, we understand the severity of TMJ issues and can help you figure out if you are dealing with ear pain or something more serious. Make sure to consult with our experts if you have any questions about TMJ treatment.

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