The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Night Guards

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Also known as teeth grinding and clenching, Bruxism is very common. It’s something that can be painful and uncomfortable to handle. And, at times, it can be very destructive to teeth. If you have woken up with dull headaches, gotten jaw soreness, felt facial pain, or suffer from fatigue due to disrupted sleep patterns, you may be suffering from the effects of constant teeth clenching.

Though there is no pinpoint cause of teeth clenching, stress and anxiety are the main contributing factors, while smoking, sleep apnea, and alcohol can also cause it. Several types of night mouth guards are available to help you combat the issue. Which custom night guard should you get before your next trip to bed as you try to stop your teeth from clenching?

Soft Night Guards

These night mouthguards are the most commonly used to treat teeth clenching, though they are used for occasional cases rather than for treating more serious ones.


  • Best and most comfortable fit for people who use them
  • Typically inexpensive
  • It doesn’t take long to get used to one


  • At times, users unintentionally chew the softer material, encouraging clenching and grinding
  • Limited lifespan, typically seen as a good short-term solution

Hard Night Guards

A hard night guard is a very rigid type of custom night guard. However, it’s very durable and offers a longer-term solution compared to its softer counterpart. Hard night guards are typically made from acrylic and used for more severe teeth grinding/clenching. Plus, they are good to use for people suffering from TMJ.


  • This is the most durable night guard for bruxism that you’ll find
  • Keeps teeth from shifting at will
  • It offers the longest warranty


  • Thicker than soft night guards
  • Hard to get used to it while trying to sleep
  • More expensive than soft night guards
  • It has to be ordered directly from a dentist because accurate impressions are needed to fit them

Dual Laminate Night Guards

This type of custom night guard is ideal for treating moderately severe cases of teeth grinding. Such night mouth guards are hard on the outside. But, they are soft on the inside, making it comfortable for the mouth to handle.


  • These night guards seem best equipped for handling heavy grinding and clenching
  • They last longer than other night guards
  • Offer more extended warranties than soft night guards


  • Thicker than other guards
  • Harder to adjust to it than a soft night guard

Ensure that you choose the thinnest possible night guard for Bruxism that you can find, giving you the most comfort when you sleep. Stick with it for a few weeks to determine its efficacy. And ensure that you put it in just before bedtime. Get your night mouth guards and more dental needs from Markham 7 Dental today!

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