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Teeth grinding is common among both adults and children. This happens when an individual tightens and clenches their jaw and teeth and grinds them aggressively together. Most people don’t even realize they are grinding their teeth and in fact, many people grind their teeth when they are sleeping.

There are many reasons individuals grind their teeth together in such an aggressive manner. A few common reasons include their jaw positions, their bite, or even the spacing of their teeth. Regardless of the reason why, teeth grinding can be extremely destructive. Extensive teeth grinding can wear down the teeth, making them shorter. It can also lead to tooth loss, tooth sensitivity, even broken teeth and damage to the jaw. It is a serious issue and one that may require medical attention from a custom fitted mouthguards.

Custom Fitted Night Guard for Bruxism

If you or a family member grinds their teeth at night, a custom night guard may be your solution. A night guard for bruxism is a covering placed on the teeth to protect them and other areas of the mouth from the excessive grinding. It is a durable device and is made from a hard plastic that can withstand aggressive force. For night mouthguards to be effective, they should be customized and fit properly by a dental professional.

At Markham 7 Dental, we can properly size and fit you for a night guard. In addition, we can provide advice and guidance on how to correctly wear and care for your custom fitted mouthguards to prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw. How you care for your mouth is vital to keeping your teeth strong and protecting your jaw from damage. With the proper care and the right tools, like a custom fit nightguards, you can take care of your teeth and make sure you have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Custom night guards are a key piece of equipment providing important protection against serious dental issues like bruxism. Unfortunately, store-bought boil & bite mouth guards offer limited protection since they leave large gaps between the person's teeth and the guard - especially when incorrect fitting instructions are followed. Custom-fitted mouth guards address this issue by providing a better fit that envelops all of the teeth in a snug layer of resilient material. Not only does this provide users with more secure protection but also allows for improved comfort as well, allowing for a distraction-free sleep.

    A custom fit night guard is a mouthguard specifically designed to protect the teeth while you are sleeping. Usually created using a high-tech injection moulding process, it fits snuggly over the top or bottom row of teeth and prevents them from grinding together. The most important benefit of a custom night guard is that it's been tailored to fit the exact shape of your mouth, providing maximum comfort and protection. Not only can it prevent your teeth from wear and tear, but it can also help with temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) pain, headaches, excessive jaw clenching, and nasal congestion - all of which can be caused by bruxism. Consult with the experts at Markham 7 Dental about whether or not you should get a night guard for bruxism.

    Custom fitted night guards can provide long-term relief from nighttime teeth grinding, but they won't last a lifetime. Depending on how often the night guard is being worn, as well as the material it's made of, you can expect your custom fitted night guard to last between six months and two years. Regular inspections by a dentist can help determine if you need a new one sooner or if yours is still in good working condition. Taking care of the guard by storing and cleaning it properly will also extend its lifespan. Ultimately, custom fitted night guards are an effective way to prevent tooth damage and jaw pain - just remember to replace them regularly so you get maximum benefit.

    The decision of whether or not to invest in a night guard for your child should be discussed with your dentist on a case by case basis. For some children, night guards can provide a number of beneficial effects like helping them reduce teeth grinding and preventing discomfort caused by misalignments that are only present while sleeping. There are also many preventative effects associated with investing in a night mouthguard, such as decreasing the risk of conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder and alleviating facial pain and stiffness from less serious aberrant jaw movements. Ultimately, the individual needs and preferences of both you and your child will determine whether or not a night mouthguard is right for your family.

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