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Mouth injuries can happen at a moment’s notice. Whether you are playing a physical contact sport or you fall and hit your mouth, these injuries can be severe. Several types of mouth injuries require immediate medical attention from an emergency dental clinic. The longer you wait to visit a emergency dental clinic or medical professional, the more likely you are to lose a tooth, for your mouth to become infected, or require a more extensive treatment plan.

A knocked-out tooth, for example, is an injury that requires emergency dental clinic for medical attention. The faster you receive medical help, the greater chance you have of saving your tooth. Another injury that requires immediate medical attention is if you crack and chip a tooth and the pain is so severe you can’t bite down on it, or if you have an abscess or a toothache that causes so much pain you can’t eat, sleep, or talk.

An emergency dentist in Markham is ready and available to help you when these injuries occur. We are available at a moment’s notice to help you receive the medical attention you need without long wait times at hospital emergency room.

It’s important to keep in mind that while many mouth injuries may look severe due to heavy bleeding, they may not require emergency dental treatment. For example, if you have a toothache but you do not have sharp and intense pain, call and schedule an appointment with us. Other non-emergencies include:

  • A tooth chip that is not painful
  • A temporary crown falls off
  • Your denture breaks
  • Your braces brackets or wires break

If there is any question on whether you need to seek emergency dental treatment, call us at Markham 7 Dental right away. We can make sure you receive the medical treatment by emergency dentist in Markham you need and offer advice and guidance on how to handle the situation until you receive medical assistance.

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