How Your Dentist Will Help You in Case of Oral Abscess

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An oral abscess can be very uncomfortable. Don’t wait to seek help and ask Siri to find a dentist office near me. There is a dental office in Markham just around the corner that can get you the assistance you need. No matter what kind of pain you are in, there is help. Don’t prolong the pain. Call up some dentists in Markham and make an appointment now.

What Kind of Abscess Do I Have?

One common type of oral abscess is a gingival abscess. This kind of infection only affects the gum tissue in the mouth. It’s painful but the most common. More serious types of oral abscesses are periodontal and periapical abscesses. These affect the bone structures of the teeth themselves.

Sometimes there is a bacterial infection that is affecting the blood vessels and nerves near the site. If left too long, the bacteria can infect the bloodstream and enter the heart. In serious cases, this can be fatal. Don’t hesitate to see a friendly provider near you for help. Dentists in Markham are trained to help people with a variety of tooth problems, so call a dental office in Markham today if you’re in pain due to an oral abscess.

Why Do I Have an Oral Abscess?

There are two major causes of oral abscesses. The first is high sugar intake, which leads to cavities. When teeth don’t get cleaned, the plaque builds up and can turn into a tooth abscess. The second cause is poor dental hygiene. Some people didn’t get education about proper teeth care as children, or they didn’t have access to care. Other times, they simply don’t brush and floss regularly.

When you don’t keep you with dental hygiene, you risk developing painful oral abscesses. Avoid this situation by flossing and brushing regularly and limiting the consumption of sugary drinks and treats.

How Will the Dentist Help Me?

It’s essential to seek professional help when dealing with an oral abscess. They won’t naturally go away without intervention. Dentists in Markham may begin by gently assessing the site of your abscess. They may also take X-rays to further explore how much damage is done beneath the gum line.

Once they have assessed, your dental office in Markham will begin treatment. This typically includes draining the pus and then grinding away the infected bits of the teeth. If it’s a very severe infection, they may completely remove the tooth or do a root canal.

Seek help today by looking for a dentist office near me. Visit the Markham 7 Dental team today and we can get you started with a treatment plan. Professional help is around the corner.

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