How Does an Intraoral Camera Enhance Detection Capabilities?

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Dentists are constantly innovating to find less invasive and more effective ways to treat their patients. One of these inventions is the intraoral camera. This tool allows dentists to diagnose different problems earlier and with much less impact on the patient. The enhanced detection capabilities allow dentists to spot problems earlier, and this means that they can combat oral diseases before they become more urgent. Here’s how a dental intraoral camera enhances detection capabilities, and what that means for you.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

Traditional diagnosis tools are the dental explorer or the traditional radiograph. Dentists use these to probe the mouth and examine the teeth for signs of lesions and other abnormalities. However, they can only detect very obvious lesions that are on the point of needing a filling. A digital intraoral camera is a diagnosis tool that can identify smaller lesions that aren’t as visible. It captures an image of the problem and creates a visual representation for the patient and dentist to look at together.

How Does It Enhance Detection?

The intraoral dental camera uses a diagnostic illumination mode to snap images at extreme magnification. The detail level is immense, and dentists can capture either a single tooth, a full smile, or even the full arch. Intraoral cameras use different wavelengths of light to illuminate different types of legions. When combined with powerful imaging software, the results are impactful. It’s impossible to argue with the results and it makes diagnosis much more effective.

Firstly, the intraoral dental camera enhances detection because it possesses cutting-edge technology. Secondly, it helps get patients on board with changing their behavior or embracing a plan of care. When a patient can visually understand the negative impacts of poor dental hygiene on their teeth, it’s much easier to convince them to change.

What Benefits Can I Gain?

You will be able to see your mouth like never before with help from a dental intraoral camera. It offers an amazing way to understand the health status of your teeth. Rather than struggling to see all your teeth in the mirror, the images produced by an intraoral camera are crisp and detailed. Plus, patients benefit from the increased engagement with dental clinicians. Now, you can both review the imaging and discuss a plan of action.

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