Dentistry for Children: Protecting Your Kids Dental Health

Markham Dentistry for children

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your children, paying attention to their teeth and oral health is a key part of an overall happy, healthy child. Here are three areas that need your attention to help bolster a great smile!

At Home

Good dental hygiene for kids starts at home. Instilling healthy dental habits in your children from a young age is key to protecting your child’s dental health and ensuring that they know how to look after their teeth to foster good habits for many years ahead. One of the first things you can do is teach them about the need to regularly brush their teeth and floss at least twice a day.

Regular Cleanings

It is important to create a relationship early in your child’s life with a dental professional who is experienced in working with children and has offered children’s dentist services. Making regular visits to Markham Dentistry for children should simply become a part of your twice-yearly routine, like visiting the doctor or having your child’s immunizations done. When you visit the dentist, not only will this make time for regular cleanings, whereby the hygienist will do a complete cleaning and the dentist will check your child’s mouth, but they will also have X-Rays completed to make sure that the growth and development of their teeth and mouth is in line with their age and where it should be. Children are a special class of patients because of the need to consider their changing mouth, that they lose their baby teeth and have permanent ones grow in, and because if caught young enough, any problems that are occurring with teeth alignment can be worked through with minimal damage later in life.

Catering to Kids

Working through issues that arise with your child’s growth and development, could entail anything from tooth extraction to braces to dental surgery. These issues can be traumatic for children, but it’s not always necessary to see a paediatric dentist. When you visit a children’s dentist, look for one who uses tried and true methods of dealing with nervous and anxious children, such as nitrous gas and anaesthesiology to make the appointments as stress-free and calm for your child as possible. At our clinic, we cater the appointment individually to each child, working to make sure they leave happy, while still getting the appropriate treatment to ensure maximal dental health. Most of the time children are able to go their whole life seeing the same dentist as their parents, but if the need arises, we have specialists who we can refer your child to as necessary.

Taking time to educate yourself on proper childhood dental practices and build a relationship with a dental clinic to make sure your child is comfortable going to the dentist are important steps in the health, growth, and development of your child. Don’t forget to make this a priority and then continue to keep up with dental hygiene during your child’s younger years of growth.

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