Can TMJ Treatments Correct Jaw Problems?

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If you’ve been experiencing more headaches than usual, you may have TMJ pain. It’s even more likely that this pain is caused by stress in your daily life. If you’re prone to stress, you may hold tension in your jaw without even knowing it. Clenching your jaws unconsciously due to stress might lead to TMJ disorder that might warrant a visit to a TMJ clinic to realign the jaw.

What Is Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder?

The joint that attaches the skull to the jaw bone is called the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint that helps you do regular daily tasks, such as eating, swallowing, and speaking. In other words, it’s the joint that does all of the work when you open your mouth. Experiencing pain in the TMJ can limit your jaw’s mobility and make it more difficult to use your mouth. Furthermore, the pain could wind up causing headaches or ringing in your ears.

Less severe TMJ pain might not require treatment and will likely disappear on its own. If you’re recovering from a mild case, just be careful about what foods you eat and opt for softer, less sticky sustenance. If the pain persists or continues to develop, you likely require professional treatment.

When to Seek Treatment from a Dentist for TMJ Pain Treatment

It’s important to know what signs to look for to understand when it’s time to seek professional assistance from a TMJ clinic. Headaches may be caused for many reasons, but it’s possible that what is causing the headache is tension in the jaw. If you grind your teeth, it causes the jaw to tense up, and if it is intense enough, it might cause pain to the head, leading to headaches.

TMJ Treatment for Jaw Alignment

If you hear unusual sounds in the jaw, it might be due to your TMJ being misaligned. This misalignment might cause noise while you’re opening your mouth. While these sounds can also be harmless, it is time to seek TMJ treatment if they are accompanied by pain. The TMJ treatment will involve performing exercises for the jaw or surgery, if necessary, to help move the jaw back into alignment.

If you suspect you require treatment to realign your jaw due to TMJ disorder, Markham 7 Dental is here to help. Their team of dentists offers TMJ pain treatment to help you recover as quickly as possible.

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