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Are You Avoiding Dental Care Due To Fear? Did you know there are alternatives to help you relax? Markham 7 Dental Group offers sedation and nitrous oxide options to help patients who have anxieties and fears about their teeth or dentistry in general.


Oral Sedation Treatment allows our patients the chance to have their work completed just by taking a small pill. The stress that occurred with past appointments can now be eliminated.


Our Team is happy to also offer a way to increase your comfort level with the use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Nitrous Oxide is administered by a small nose cone. It produces no long term side effects and wears off quickly. If necessary, you can even drive yourself to and from your dental appointment! You will be given pure Oxygen to breathe while the Nitrous Oxide leaves your system and the effects disappear. Talk to us today for more information on Nitrous Oxide.