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What are the benefits of crowns from a cosmetic and health point of view? A crown can be utilized to repair a chipped or fractured tooth! A crown is by far the best way to protect a weak or badly decayed tooth. A crown is also a very good way to cover a single or number of teeth that are stained or have become yellow due to tetracyline, coffee, tea, or other harsh staining properties! Crowns are a great way to correct crooked or misaligned teeth! Crowns are extremely strong, and they are much more permanent solution than whitening, bonding or even veneers! If you'd like to know if crowns are appropriate for you, please speak to one of the Markham 7 Dental team members today for more information on crowns.


Why is it important to replace a missing tooth? It not only improves the look of your smile, but also contributes to better dental health. Each tooth has its own important role. Some are used for biting or chewing, others give shape to your face. The support that your teeth provide for each other is compromised when one is missing. Before long, evidence of breakdown is noticed in the remaining teeth, the jaw joint and/or the gums. The use of a bridge, or 'artificial tooth' can prevent these problems. Talk with any of our team members today for more information on bridges.